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CineVeliz Media Group

CineVeliz Media Group is a creative services and production company based in San Antonio, TX. We produce content for many platforms, from your phone screen to the big screen.

Our clients range from non-profits and advocacy based organizations to commercial and corporate companies who want to get creative with their messaging. We create the communication channel from our clients to their clients in order to reach them in a powerful and connected way. Our finely distilled creative notes are suited for those who have something important to say in today’s noisy world.

Our commitment to production is firmly underscored with an appreciation and support for the arts and culture in our city and our world. With deep roots in the San Antonio community, we give thanks to all our partners and friends for your continued business.

"The Amish question 'what will this do to our community?' tends towards the right answer for the world."
- Wendell Berry

Our Partners

Recently at CineVeliz

We have a new client from our San Antonio community, The Villareal and Begum Law Firm, newly branded “The Texas Law Guns”. This personal attorney law firm reached out to us looking for a refreshing new way to broadcast their business on TV. With a combination of digital elegance and regal adornments, the new image presents a confident and auspicious approach to an audience that would appreciate a helping hand by if one is ever needed.

Our current plan is to continue to grow the brand awareness building on ideas such as respect for personal rights and an agency to represent such ideals. Thanks, Alex and Javier, for the opportunity to help.

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